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The CryoCorrect treatment is a non-invasive spot corrector.  The treatment uses cryotechnology to gently freeze away and painlessly remove unwanted dark spots and skin tags in seconds that can help men & women.

In-office treatment to remove unwanted spots forever!

Non-invasive, in-office treatment for the face, hands, and body. CyroCorrect Precision is a professional device for targeted spot removal. Effective, safe, and fast.

How many CryoCorrect treatments are needed to see a result?

Results can be seen in as few as one treatment, with healthy skin typically appearing two to three weeks after treatment. In some cases, the recovery process varies between four to twelve week period.

What can I expect during and after a CryoCorrect treatment?

During treatment, sun spots, skin tags, and dark spots are removed using a precise jet of CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas which freeze the skin at a milder temperature than traditional cryogens like liquid nitrogen, resulting in a softer, shallower, more comfortable freeze, more likely to leave the surrounding skin intact.

The dark spot or skin tag is rapidly frozen for five to eight seconds, together with little-to-no downtime and minimal discomfort to follow. Consult your skin care professional to determine if a CryoCorrect Treatment is right for you.

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SkinCeuticals CryoCorrect for spot removal