Breast augmentation and breast implants have not had the media attention they had a few years ago, but they are still gathering some media attention. 

Allow me to (re)draw your attention to some issues that may have alerted you recently. 

Most of the recent media references to breast implants allude to ‘the problems that implants used to cause.’  If you watch or read carefully, the “problems” are usually not specifically outlined.  This is because all of the alluded problems have been repeatedly refuted in subsequent research.  As it turns out, the medical problems suggested in 1990 resulted from poor research design.  This was reinforced in December 1998, when Federal District Court judge Samuel Pointer’s multi-specialty scientific panel (which did not include any plastic surgeons) concluded that there was no evidence to suggest that implants caused diseases.  So we are free from the worry that breast implants cause these other purported diseases.

The one problem that some implant patients experience is capsular contracture.  This results from the tissue that the body makes in response to a foreign body.  This is called capsular tissue, and might shrink (contract) over time.  This may make the implant look too round or feel too hard.  Some of these implant patients require opening of the capsule to return the breast to a better shape. 

Breast augmentation is a great operation with a solid record of cause and effect, to make the breasts larger and more full.  If you think this procedure might improve your ‘proportions’, give us a call.