Please take a moment to review the testimonials below offered by patients who have experienced the life changing effects of plastic surgery after treatment in our Hilton Head Island plastic surgery office. Please contact us if you have a testimonial you would like to share with our patients and website visitors.

Dear Dr. Reid, This has been a challenging time and I appreciate you so much. I can never thank you enough for your patience, professionalism, caring, compassion, expertise and support. You and your staff have been so efficient and helpful through every step of this journey. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. Thank you for answering my questions and for all your support.
Anonymous from Hilton Head Island, SC

Dr. Reid & staff, You are so special to me. There are not enough "THANKS" for all of you. Dr. Reid is truly my angel. This has truly been a special experience for me. Love to you all!!
Carolyn from Bluffton, SC

Mandy, I just need to extend my thanks to you for being an exceptional and compassionate aesthetician & woman. The scar gel you recommended has already made a HUGE improvement. All of the other products I've tried really haven't worked. I'm so glad our paths crossed. Dr Reid is lucky to have you on his incredible team. I have never experienced such compassionate care.
Peg Hansen from Hilton Head Island, SC

Just want to thank you for all you've done for me during my whole ordeal with breast cancer. You're an amazing doctor and I am so thankful to have had you be the one taking care of me. I hope to see you in the future for positive reasons only! :) Thank your staff as well. They are super nice and caring. Thank you!
Jane Hodges from Hilton Head Island, SC

I'm extremely happy with my recent facelift and am enjoying the three complimentary custom facials. My face doesn't look changed, just refreshed, which is exactly what I wanted!
Barb from Hilton Head Island, SC

The first procedure I had done with Dr. Reid was to get rid of the "bags" under my eyes. While I was there speaking with him, I asked him if I needed a face lift and he said no. He got rid of my bags and many years later I as speaking with him and didn't like my neck and asked if it was time for a face lift. He said yes. I was a little hurt when he said that I wasn't really "that" serious but then I realized he told me the truth both times... I didn't need it but could use it now. I am very happy with my face lift!
KP in NC

Dr. Reid did my mini-facelift and it was a great investment of my time and money. I was in my early 50's and it literally has taken 10 years off of my appearance. I work in the public and my appearance matters. this gave me a great deal of self-confidence as well. I am male and not many of my friends had even considered doing this procedure. Since I had this done, four of my friends were so encouraged that they had the same procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Reid as a a skillful and compassionate physician and surgeon.
Martin C. from Maryland

Dr. Reid rocks! Here is why:
After 2 unsuccessful attempts within 2 1/2 years to have a breast reduction fully covered by my insurer, I was referred to Dr. Reid for a third consultation. From the very beginning, Dr. Reid and his nurse at that time, Susan, treated me with such kindness and compassion. They never made me feel like a freak. I was seeking a breast reduction because I experienced breast growth after I weaned each of my 2 children and as a result, I developed chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. Dr. Reid agreed that I would greatly benefit from breast reduction for medical reasons. I feel that he truly advocated for me as this time, my insurer approved the surgery 100%. My surgery was performed December 2012 and it is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I felt immediate relief and not only that, my self-esteem greatly improved. Dr. Reid has a great bedside manner and was always happy to answer any questions I had. It's been nearly a year since my surgery and I am still very pleased with the results. I'll never forget my pre-op visit the night before my surgery when Dr. Reid said "Okay, we're going to get you fixed up. See you in the morning." This confirmed to me that I was in very capable and compassionate hands. This surgery was truly a life-changing experience for me and for that, I will always be grateful for Dr. Reid. This area lost a top-notch surgeon but I am very happy for Dr. Reid that he was able to pursue a better opportunity in Hilton Head. I highly recommend Dr. Reid for breast reduction surgery.
Samantha from Shiloh, IL

I would like to thank Dr. David Reid for the excellent care I received from him from 07/02/2012 until 06/
27/2013. I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ.(High Grade) and I opted to have a mastectomy.
I was referred to him by another surgeon. I feel I could not have hand picked a better doctor [for breast reconstruction]. I felt
comfortable knowing I was in a good medical office. His staff was incredible and because of this type of
care I feel “BLESSED”! Again, I would like to THANK Dr. Reid for his excellent care and compassion.
Dr. Reid turned a difficult diagnosis into an outstanding recovery because of his calm and professional
Paula Compton

I am a former patient of Dr. Dave Reid when he was practicing in High Point, NC. I found him very easy to talk to and answer my many questions professionally. We were discussing different procedures and he suggested which ones I would be happiest doing. Thankfully, he was correct and I am very satisfied with what I had done. He explained everything and told me what would happen and what I was to expect. I felt self-assured and safe. he was available when I had further questions after the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Reid.
PRP from Greensboro, NC

Dr. David Reid is an excellent plastic surgeon! I am extremely happy with everything Dr. Reid has done for me. In 2015 he repaired carpal tunnel in my right hand achieving excellent results and allowing me full range of motion and relief from all pain.

Over the past few years I developed sagging and drooping eyelids, not a pretty sight. Without hesitation I consulted Dr. Reid in July 2016 for eyelid surgery treatment. This was something I thought about doing for some time and I’m glad I finally had the surgery. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results giving me a more natural, healthier, and, of course, younger looking me!

Besides being a very skilled surgeon, Dr. Reid offers personalized treatment that makes his patients feel very comfortable in pre- and post-operative visits. Plus Dr. Reid’s staff is caring, warm and friendly! I have recommended Dr. Reid to my friends and even some strangers interested in plastic surgery!
Gaylon Greger from Hilton Head Island, SC

Great overall experience. Dr. Reid was very professional both before and after my recent rhinoplasty surgery. I'm so happy with the results! The office staff was amazing and very helpful as well.
Shea Simons from Hilton Head Island, SC

Dr Reid did a wonderful job with a removal of a cancerous spot & repaired it PERFECTLY! I highly recommend him!
Amyleetee, HHI / Feb, 2016

He is a wonderful, and caring will not have any regrets!!
Lisa George / Nov 2016

He was very honest and trustworthy. He did an amazing job on my face with Botox.
Izzy Kay / Mar 2017

Dr. Reid did a great job with my surgery. He went out of his way to follow-up and took his time answering my numerous questions. I had great results and have already recommended him to several people. I am so pleased with my results.
Kate, HHI / May 2017